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Mailing Lists

Web based mailing list interaction is available through these links:
Request an archive file
Browse the archive

There are four tcptrace mailing lists, tcptrace-announce, the main tcptrace list, tcptrace-bugs, and tcptrace-maintainers.

The tcptrace-announce list is intended for those that don't want to get all of the traffic from the main list, but want to be notified every so often when new versions of the software come out.

The main tcptrace list provides a way to get in touch with tcptrace users and developers, as well as means to keep abreast of important changes. The tcptrace mailing list only allows posts from members, so if you want to post to it, please subscribe first.

The tcptrace-bugs list is a forum for people to submit their bug reports and where fixes will be discussed.

tcptrace-maintainers will probably not be of much interest to most people, as it just handles problems with the website or with the other mailing lists.

Both lists can be subscribed to and unsubscribed from by following the links at the top of this page, or by sending an email with a body that includes the line:

     subscribe tcptrace 
     unsubscribe tcptrace
to majordomo@tcptrace.org . Change "tcptrace" to "tcptrace-announce" in the above examples to work with that list instead. The same procedure also applies to the tcptrace-bugs, and tcptrace-maintainers lists.

Electronic archives of the mailing list are generated daily and can be found in our archive section. Many questions people have are answered either there or in the FAQ. For some people the tcptrace-bugs archive may be helpful as well.